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Our Mission

The Sweet Express family of companies’  Mission  is to be America’s trucking solutions provider for unmatched service in dry-van shipping.  The trucking company that does it all for our teams and partners.

Our Values

Commitment to Integrity – Responsively following through with our commitments to employees, affiliates, direct customers, and brokers creating an environment of loyalty.

Second Chances – Thinking outside the box to fill business needs in unique ways.  We accept and leverage growth that comes through failure and life challenges.

People Before Profits – Doing the right thing is key to our families’ success and growth

Our Vision

This is all to achieve our Vision to be the premier choice for peace of mind in responsive and reliable transportation solutions. Built on family values, we focus on team goals that drive customer and employee loyalty.

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2024 Sweet Express Calender

Our drivers go all over the United States every day and they see some pretty awesome sites. We challenged our drivers to take photos of their trucks around the nation and submit them for a chance to be included in our 2024 Sweet Express Calendar! We received over 60 entries and 14 of them were chosen to be featured. Each photo was evaluated based on creativity of composition, photo quality and color. Watch the video to the right to see the winning photos! 

What Are People Saying?

I have been with Sweet express for a little over a year. I have found a very comfortable family environment at the office, everyone is so nice! the trucks here are well maintained. If i need anything on my truck I call my DM and they will make sure my truck is taken care of asap. Safety is important to this company. They never ask you to drive over your hours, and plan loads very well with the time you have available on your clock. If you want to drive they will keep you going! I average 3000 miles per week, some weeks are less some are more depending on hours, or things like maintenence, or repairs but they pay for breakdown and layovers so it doesnt doesn't hurt too much in the paycheck. If I ask for hometime the answer is always "no problem, when do you want to go home" just have to be reasonable... They'll work with you in an emergency. I can talk all day about the good things Ive experienced here, I dont have any negative things to say. Im sure other people have other experiences here but this has been my experience so far. I plan on retiring here and maybe staying after retiring if theyll let me lolOverall Im very happy to work for Sweet Express

Tom Steketee Driver

From top to bottom this is a great company to work for!

Elvin Muharemovic Michigan Outbound Load Planner

I’ve been driving for Sweet Express going on 2 years now and I couldn’t be more happy with the way things have been going for me here. I can honestly say as a driver I’ve been treated with nothing but respect and like family, everyone is really understanding and the driver managers are awesome. They always take care of me as a driver, the pay is really good, home time is great and my wheels are always turning ! Shout out too Hasib, Belmin, Serif and especially Sandra 🌟 you people are Awesome !!!

Hamza Hamzagic Driver

Love this place..goin on my 4th year? I think? Whenever ive had problems n needed help even if someone to talk to someones always listened whether my dm or janine in safety.. i wouldnt even have my laptop i have now if the owner didnt come out of pocket himself.. of course i paid it back but still.. anytime i wanna go somewhere different they at least try to... granted it might take awhile bc freight etc.. love these guys

Harry Weber Driver

We have been working with Sweet Express for years, We've never had any issues, its always been so smooth! We definitely recommended them.

Elvisa Mujkanovic Partnership

Attention to detail, pride in their work, and unmatched communication are just minor details of what puts the "Sweet" in Sweet Express. Having worked with the company for 6+ years, I've gotten to know the team from top to bottom.Those in the transportation industy that need dependability, please give this company a chance and thank me later. Sweet comes solution orientated rather than stating the issues at hand. In an industry filled with stress, Sweet has given myself, and our customer base peace of mind 6+ years running. It's due to their work that has led to additional business for ourselves, SERVICE.24/7 dispatch, I can rely on this team day in and day out at anytime of day or night. Led by the strong leadership of Damir and Mirzet down to the day to day work horses of Amar, BIG Nerm, Serif, Kristy, Sandra, to name a few... you get the rare combination of experience and fun personality. Hands down, I feel blessed to have found such a strong business partnership that has transformed into lifelong friendships.5/5 stars, give them a go!

Adam Swade Arrive Logistics

I've been with Sweet for just over 3 years, by far one of the best companies I've worked for in my 15 yrs in this industry. Sweet Express is a family

Kristy Overdyk Driver Manager

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Sweet Express, LLC. requires that all vendors, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, and their agents adhere to all local, state, and federal laws, rules and regulations including international laws and standards (collectively, Laws). Sweet Express, LLC. is particularly concerned with adherence to those Laws pertaining to ethical business practices, the rights and welfare of the general population, the safety and welfare of workers regardless of classification, protection of the environment, and the civility of society. Business partners are expected to promptly report any actual or suspected violations of these requirements by any individual or entity acting on behalf of Sweet Express, LLC. or one of our business partners. 

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contact us today!

Please fill out the form below and one of our representatives will reach out to you as soon as possible.  **Please note, none of your information will be not distributed for any reason.**

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contact us today!

Please fill out the form below and one of our representatives will reach out to you as soon as possible.  **Please note, none of your information will be not distributed for any reason.**