Sweet Responds to 3.5% projected Growth in Truck Repair

MAY 27, 2022

Have you heard the news yet? Sweet Repair Services, LLC is in the process of adding 5 double bays! This project will allow Sweet an additional (just shy) of 10,000 square feet of area to continue to provide excellent customer service in truck repair. 

According to ibisworld.com, “The Truck Repair industry will likely accelerate over the next five years, as robust economic growth in the wake of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is expected to occur in tandem with the new trucks purchased during the previous period needing repairs.” 

More specifically, in 2022, the market size growth of truck repair is projected to increase by at least 3.5%(Ibisworld). As this market is projected to continue to grow even more over the next 5 years, having 1000s of more square feet available, will allow Sweet to keep up with truck repair demand. Additionally, it will also create more job opportunities for mechanics.

This project is expected to be completed by the end of August 2022. Please view the video below of the drone footage our team was able to capture of the project!

Source: Ibisworld.com